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A visit to my Godmother


Yesterday I visited my Godmother, Vanessa. She is a classy lady, and is a colour and style consultant, and uses colour for healing. She is a generous and kind spirit.

She has breast cancer, and now secondary cancer too.

both times we have visited her recently she has been in bed. She has been going through a voyage of discovery. When you think someone knows themselves, you then discover that they find more to learn about themselves.

When we visited, she told me she had received lots of flowers and cards and things. She had been looking at them from her bed, and decided she needed to write a poem about the lovely daffodils she had been given. This started a whole new thing for her, and she read me out some of her poems. They were so beautiful I had tears rolling down my face. She said that everyone she had read them to, had cried!!!! I suggested these got printed and she said that everyone else had said the same thing! It has inspired her to write more, and she is really enjoying the process.

Again, this is another person who can write a coherent sentence, and add emotion and love to it. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of these poems, in fact, as I sit here at 4,48am I find their words haunt me. It is as though they have been etched into my mind. They are a gift, as is my wonderful and inspirational Godmother!

I just wanted to share this… because I felt so inspired and so joyful when I left. I knew that these poems and the writing of them were helping her in a way, and I am glad of that. I hope they get printed!!!!

Remember to enjoy every day, and see the beauty in it. Even when you feel like doing otherwise! 🙂 XX