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12 is the Magic Number – meme


12 is the Magic Number for this Meme.

 I have been tagged by the wonderful @tearose on twitter – her fantastic blog is at: in this meme of 12 things. I had not heard of this before, but, having been tagged I must continue to play the game and what else would I be doing on a lovely lazy, sunny, Sunday morning ?

There are a few rules you must follow, but it will ( I hope ) all be worth it in the end , so here goes !!

Here are the rules;

1) You must post the rules.

2) Post 12 fun facts about yourself in the blog post.

3) Answer the 12 questions the tagger has set for you in their post and then create 12 new questions for the fellow bloggers you plan to tag.

4)Let them know you tagged them.

So, here are 12 fun facts about me;

1) I cant add up.

2) I like reading on my kindle

3) I am quite deaf in one ear

4) I hate TVs

5) I am allergic to tomatos

6) I am a clairvoyant medium

7) im addicted to Monopoly

8) I went without a tv for many years

9) Ive had two driving lessons, and two accidents. one per lesson!

10) I have a strange dress sense

11)  Im married to an entertainer

12) Ive taught our dog to shake hands 🙂

Here are the questions Tearose has asked us to answer

1) What special skill do you have ? Clairvoyant medium

2) What would you choose for your last meal ? probably a MacDonald

3) What is your favourite piece of music or song ? Inner Light. It was featured in an anniversary episode of Star Trek next Gen

4) Which 6 people, living or dead, would you invite to dinner ? John Denver, Pope John Paul, The Queen, Margaret West (friend and author), my friends Sasha and Kelly

5) Savoury or sweet ? Sweet!

6) If you had to live abraod, where would you choose ? ummm prolly America or somewhere quiet, like the outback lol.

7) What is your favourite book ? The Elenium by David Eddings

8) Who would be your ideal travelling companion on a trip round the World ? ummm if I HAD to travel, then id pick my hubby. I really dont do travelling

9) Dogs or cats (or both) ? both. had both cats and currently have a doggy

10) Adrenaline junkie, beach bum or culture vulture ? culture vulture

11) At school, what was your best and worst subject ? maths worse – im discalulic and best would be english

12) How would you spend a £1000 windfall ? I had one of these and I bought a shed which I utterly adore. its my little piece of sanctuary


If I can find 5 people to send this on to… here is the questions.. in fact I prolly dont know 5 bloggers, but those I do, read n do the questions if you wish

1 – snow or no snow?

2 middle name?

3 can you sing?

4 why do you blog?

5 allergies?

6 funniest joke you know?

7 feet size?

8 siblings?

9 favourite destination?

10 what do you do to relax?

11 hot or cold

12 what makes you happy?