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Nationality not important!


Well, today on the news the news team reported that britons were part of a hostage siutation in Algeria.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m convinced that everyone’s important …. Regardless where they come from! The news reporters do this over and over again, saying that britains have been killed abroad, when in fact there were other people involved too.

Everyone is important. A life is a life!!! And all are equally important.


Baby you can drive my car


I live near Canterbury, kent. Its a lovely city, full of old buildings, history and a thriving high street. The council have seen fit to think about putting car parking charges up. Now, this will have a detrimental effect on the High Street, because people will not want to pay for parking as well as their shopping. Yes i know there is park and ride, but thats ok if you don’t have much shopping 🙂

Its sad that councils do this, because it will reduce their high street and increase the out of town shops, not good for Canterbury and a bustling city..well, it bustling at the moment!!!

In this time of austerity, i think its short – termist thinking. Besides, are they going to reduce rents for the shop premises? No i doubt it!

There, ive got that off my chest!!! 🙂

Sheds and Fishing….


My husband has been very busy of late, in fact I have hardly seen him. He is either working in one place, or another! So, he decided he needed a day fishing, to recharge and calm his batteries. He books the date in, and spends a week talking about the day he will go fishing.

So, at 5.30 am he got up, got dressed in his fishing gear, loaded his stuff in the car (I have never seen so much stuff being taken for one day, you’d think it was a WEEK!!!) Anyway, off he goes!!!! I hear from him 2 hours later, all set up and sitting on the bank…. fishing. Well, it seems he is enjoying the day. He tells me the wind is blowing directly in his face, so its “a bit cold” and that his tea flask tipped over, so he only has half the tea he left the house with! He texts me later, to say he still hasn’t caught any fish… but he seems happy enough.

At 3pm he rings me… the car is packed, and he is coming home. He didn’t catch a fish… and he is cold. He comes in, smelling of the fish bait, needing a cup of tea and some warmth. A good day – spent “fishing”.

What did I do? Well, we have a shed (think warm shed, and cozy) so I spent my day sat in there, with the dog. Dog wanted to go in and out all the time until he finally settled. I worked, online, from the shed, with music on, the fire on just occasionally to keep me warm,  and the odd cup of tea to keep me going 🙂 (we have a kettle in the shed) so I had a lovely, chilling, relaxing day!

Give me a Shed any day – I don’t think I am cut out for Fishing 🙂