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Oh to be able to Write!!!


I read a lot of blogs in the course of a week. Some I follow because I get their blog entries straight to my email and some I read via Twitter Links. The common thread of all the blogs I read, is that the bloggers can really write well. They can string an intelligible, interesting and solid sentence together, and put emotion in it.

One of my friends who Blogs is a writer, a published author no less. Her blog is brilliant and there are always new interviews and give aways on it. It is an interesting read. Her name is Margaret West. 

Then there’s the blog of Rosalie’s which is fantastic. her words transport me to another world, and have been known to make me howl with laughter or shed a tear.

Then theres Always a Redhead‘s blog.Full of loveliness and stories about her family. Some funny and some sad.

The other common denominator here is that all of these blogs evoke emotions in me. They all make me think. They also make me want to write better. I have all these wonderful ideas in my head, but to write about them… is another story! but I will be trying, not because I think I might write something as good as the blogs above, but because its a good exercise, and I may learn something about myself in the process 🙂

So, look out for some hopefully interesting posts 🙂

I do urge you to take a look at the above blogs, they really are well worth a read!


Friends are Universal :)


I recently moved miles away from where I used to live. My friends were in one place and I was in another. I dont drive, and Its a long way to expect my friends to come n visit. So, I resigned myself to being friendless. This was not to be (thank GOD!) I went to a Tweet Up, which is a business meeting organised by a lady called Maggie who runs @Officehouds. Through her, and the Tweet Up, I have made real friends. Not that my old ones werent real, its just that I have made new friends. something which I never thought would happen!!! AND not only are they lovely, they are such gorgeously fabbo people. Im so very very lucky!!!!! I thank God for them every day, because they make me smile and I hope I do the same for them 🙂

Then there is Twitter. Yes, its got its problems, but actually my twitterstream is wonderful. Om so lucky to have lovely people on my time line. Real ones, ones that care, and ones that make me laugh, and some that are gold dust!!!!!!

I am so very thankful for my friends!!!!! I just wanted all my Twitter mates, and all my Tweetup peeps to know how wonderful I think you all are!!!!!!!