Monthly Archives: May 2013

catching up with myself.


Well, its been a little while since I posted. I have been busy doing “stuff” – that equates to :filofaxing, organising my life and generally doing things. I have to prepare for another Tarot Workshop – I cant beleive how much preparation goes into these things!!! still, i love doing it, it is fun… and the cards speak for themselves 🙂

So, onto the Filofaxing (doing up the pages to make them pretty) – I have bought some new washi tapes, but I dont know if I like them or not. I have discovered a place that does stickers for 99p – rainbow crafts so that has been good.

Tarot Workshops – manuals, sheets, cards… whew!!! 🙂 but i LOVE it!!


oh and Filofax videos on you tube.. look out for Blair Swift. Shes new but great!!!! 🙂