Organiser update


well, sorry its been a few days!!! i had a health blip that stopped me doing stuff… but in the meantime, I have been buying cheap FiloFaxs!

this is my family of Filo’s so far:

A5 Metropol (choccie brown)

Personal Identity (black)

Malden Pocket(raspberry)

Domino Personal (Violet)

Non Filofaxes – Pink Paris Personal.

And the one that started it off – an A5 unbranded Organiser, which is my Tarot Journal. 

a couple well, 4, other nondescript ones, that I bought for the inserts.

Now, I have managed to sort out my chocolate Metropol. I have bought the calendar from Leonie Dawson, along with her business workbook. It is at the beginning of each month in my dividers.

my Pink one has also been organised. I now have a section for Book reviews, recipes, inspirations, goals, daily and weekly. So, this one is my personal organiser, as opposed to the Metropol which is a work one, because its too big to carry around.

The picture shows just some of the Organisers… Sasha cant carry any more, 🙂 also there is my colour coding.  The pic at the bottom is my Collins Paris organiser, that I am using for my Happiness file. 🙂


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