Staples stash!!!


Well, I went!!! Sasha took me to Staples!!! and we spent ages staring at all the Filofaxes, comparing them with our own 🙂

Notice the cheesy grin of a girl in Filofax heaven!!!  we spent ages drooling over the pens, and hole punches, and Martha Stewart stuff, which is being discontinued 

I got tabs from there, but the dividers just dont have enough holes in them. So I got some cheap ones to play with (and cut up!!!) 

In fact… this is my stash:

Smiley Stickers, punched pockets (for something I want to try, pens with 4 colours in them, some sheets with lines (no holes!) 2 Frixion pens – 1 pink 1 purple, and a box of pins and clips etc, to solve my problem of weedy paperclips. 

Its all pastel colours, which i didnt realise till we got back to the car, so, that is weird, it also means that by accident, my Filofax is themed!!! 🙂 

I had a great time, and Sasha is going Guest Post on this blog when she has time.yipppeee!!!!


About Cheryl Turtlemoon

Cheryl Is a tarot and Oracle And angel card reader and professional clairvoyant, and tarot reader, with an interest in art journaling and all things arty 🙂 She lives by the sea with her entertainer husband and their dog.

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