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I have been looking around for blogs, that are both useful and into Filofaxes…

these are the ones I have found so far.. if you know of more, then drop me a line or include them in a comment.

This is the first one (and i do love this site!!!! )

and of course… the one and only
And there will be more to follow as I find good sites… this will become a regular feature, oh another good site… its got a blog on it… thats my excuse !!!


Staples stash!!!


Well, I went!!! Sasha took me to Staples!!! and we spent ages staring at all the Filofaxes, comparing them with our own 🙂

Notice the cheesy grin of a girl in Filofax heaven!!!  we spent ages drooling over the pens, and hole punches, and Martha Stewart stuff, which is being discontinued 

I got tabs from there, but the dividers just dont have enough holes in them. So I got some cheap ones to play with (and cut up!!!) 

In fact… this is my stash:

Smiley Stickers, punched pockets (for something I want to try, pens with 4 colours in them, some sheets with lines (no holes!) 2 Frixion pens – 1 pink 1 purple, and a box of pins and clips etc, to solve my problem of weedy paperclips. 

Its all pastel colours, which i didnt realise till we got back to the car, so, that is weird, it also means that by accident, my Filofax is themed!!! 🙂 

I had a great time, and Sasha is going Guest Post on this blog when she has time.yipppeee!!!!


Hello World!!! my name is Cheryl and Ive just got back into using my Filofax since I started Tarot Journalling. I am a Tarot Reader, with a love of stationery.

Ive been journalling in an old filofax.. and i was bitten by the bug! I have a Metropol and im getting an Identity (filofax, not generally, lol!).

I am currently getting together things for my dashboard…. ive got one lot of stickers, some flag things, and large paperclips, that seem to be useless, because they are not strong enough. Im going to add more dividers etc later… im currently getting lots of inspiration from you tube especially Kent from Oz. Also Philofaxy is brilliant too.. lovely site!!

I am going to staples tomorrow, they have a reduced selection of Martha Stewart stuff, as its being discontinued!! I am going with Sasha, my friend 🙂 shes a Filofax-aholic too! 🙂