Monthly Archives: January 2013

Nationality not important!


Well, today on the news the news team reported that britons were part of a hostage siutation in Algeria.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m convinced that everyone’s important …. Regardless where they come from! The news reporters do this over and over again, saying that britains have been killed abroad, when in fact there were other people involved too.

Everyone is important. A life is a life!!! And all are equally important.


Baby you can drive my car


I live near Canterbury, kent. Its a lovely city, full of old buildings, history and a thriving high street. The council have seen fit to think about putting car parking charges up. Now, this will have a detrimental effect on the High Street, because people will not want to pay for parking as well as their shopping. Yes i know there is park and ride, but thats ok if you don’t have much shopping 🙂

Its sad that councils do this, because it will reduce their high street and increase the out of town shops, not good for Canterbury and a bustling city..well, it bustling at the moment!!!

In this time of austerity, i think its short – termist thinking. Besides, are they going to reduce rents for the shop premises? No i doubt it!

There, ive got that off my chest!!! 🙂

Pack up your happiness……and decorations!


I went shopping today, and apart from the sale of clothes, its business as usual. Before christmas we saw lots of lights, trees and loveliness. Its drab now, the decorations turned off, taken down, and packed away for another year; and with them appears to have gone the smiles, freindliness and warm feelings. How soon people forget!!!!!

In the run up to the festive season, people stopped and said hello. Everyone was nice, and in a jolly mood. Now its over, the grumpiness is back. I know its a bore to go back to work, do the shopping and stay happy, but shouldn’t we try? A smile costs nothing, and could mean so much for the old chap who never speaks to anyone. A word of greetings can make a person feel happy.

Today, lets try to remember those around us, and spread some cheer instead of gloom 🙂